Maryvale Appeals

Maryvale exists on a narrow ridge between steep slopes and stream valleys. In 1994-95 the Catholic sisters who owned the school subdivided the property, sold the useable acreage for development and profit, and, in order to get County permission to do so, promised to cap the school’s enrollment at 300 students. But Maryvale soon expanded to almost 400 students and a few years ago began an aggressive building campaign. Its construction should have been constrained by County land use laws, but County Zoning authorities brushed those laws aside to grant Maryvale permission to do everything and anything it requested. The FRCA appealed those decisions to the Circuit Court, which affirmed some outright and remanded others to the County to pass the time and allow it to offer new rationales for its irrational rulings. So, the FRCA has appealed the Circuit Court Rulings. In the meantime, well aware of its special status under law, Maryvale’s construction is underway along with the unavoidable environmental destruction caused by heavy construction on steep slopes above stream valleys.

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