launched to preserve the Chestnut Country Club property

The issue

Recently, the Chestnut Ridge Country Club folded and a developer bought the mortgage and took title to the land.  The developer potentially can place up to 100 homes on this land and destroy the environmental buffer that protects the last trout stream in the Jones Falls Watershed and its surrounding wooded valley that protects a unique watershed and ecosystem.  Intense development of this land means up to another 200 vehicles crowding falls road, creating traffic gridlock at its failing intersections and placing additional financial stress on the county budget.  Intense development will generate up to 100 new wells, putting your own wells at risk.  The bulldozing of this land for another 100 houses will destroy the rural nature of our community and your property values!

Map of Chestnut Ridge Country Club property and number of homes

Too many homes for the Chestnut Ridge Country Club property

The County Council is presently considering the down-zoning of the 232 acres from RC-5  (rural residential) to RC-7 (resource  preservation) as part of the comprehensive zoning map process that takes place every four years.  In December 2011, Councilperson Vicki Almond, your Council member in the Second District, introducedComprehensive Zoning Map process issue #2-031 to address the appropriateness of the existing RC-5 zoning in light of the sale of the Chestnut Ridge Country Club.   According to the County Code, the purpose and intent of RC-7 is resource preservation, more specifically to protect and preserve valuable cultural, historical, recreational and environmental resources through a low-density rural zone.

Take action

There is only one way to have the property zoned RC-7.  That is to have the District 2 Councilperson, Ms. Vicki Almond, make the request through the CZMP process at the end of the summer.

What will impact her making her decision is hearing from you.

Please go to, educate yourself on the issue, and contact Ms. Almond (there’s an easy link to send her an e-mail), and keep going back to and to follow the progress, get updates, and participate in having your community the retain the character that attracted us in the first place.