Residents urge Councilwoman Almond for RC7 status for the Chestnut Ridge Country Club

Presidents’s Message: Residents Contact Councilwoman Almond in support of RC7 zoning for the Chestnut Ridge Country Club property

With a stroke of her pen, on August 28, 2012 our County Council representative and President  Vicki Almond can preserve more land in District 2 than Dutch Ruppersberger, Jim Smith and Kevin Kamenetz combined multiplied by 1000. The 232 acres that were Chestnut Ridge Country Club abound in streams, ponds, springs and wetlands. By zoning that land RC7, which is plainly the proper classification, Ms Almond can preserve most of that subwatershed, spare our roads 40-60 houses of traffic, spare our water table 40-60 wells to compete with ours, give Dipping Pond Run a chance to survive, and possibly save the Falls Road community. With that same act, Ms Almond would become our first Council representative to place the well-being of her constituents above loyalty to the politicians in Towson and their developer financiers. Below are samples of the 500+ messages from constituents to Ms. Almond via

Harold Burns, President

Contact Councilwoman Almond

Please contact Councilwoman Vicki Almond to express your support for rezoning the former Chestnut Ridge Country Club Property to RC-7 to reduce the building density, reduce the impact on existing wells in the area, reduce traffic congestion, and preserve the character of the community.


Councilwoman Vicki Almond

Old Court House

400 Washington Ave.

Towson, MD, 21204

Letters from the community

07/11/12 – Dear Councilperson Almond,

The prospective development of the property formerly owned by the Chestnut Ridge Country Club (CRCC) raises great concerns for those of us who live in the Falls Road corridor. We believe the property zoning is RC-7 because we have had issues with our well, along with several of our neighbors. Depletion of the water table with any more development will hurt the entire Falls Road corridor. Our entire neighborhood (Springhill Farm) is against further development in this area. It is almost impossible to drive down Falls Road in the morning and the traffic at Falls and Padonia/Broadway is always backed up. Sincerely, Rusty & Michelle


06/27/12 – Councilman Almond,

We have been living at this address for about eight years. Our water flow has diminished greatly in those years. I blame the lower flow of water on the amount of recent development in the Falls Road area. Pretty soon at this rate, we will be out of water for our homes!!!! I am requesting a down zoning to RC-7. Sincerely, Susan K.

06/13/12 - Dear Councilperson Almond,

I first met you at our Fall Clearings Association meeting. Our concern then as it is even more today is the sale of the club and its prospective development. You told us [of] your commitment to fight any development that would change the character of district 2. Any development at a density greater than that allowed by zoning at RC7 would change the essential, rural nature of the area and destroy the very characteristics that make the Falls Road corridor a desirable place to live. I ask that you be true to your word and rezone the area to RC 7. Sincerely, Susan G.


06/25/12  - Dear Councilwoman Almond,

I am writing concerning the proposed development of the Chestnut Ridge Country Club. The proposed plan will increase traffic congestion, cause even more run-off into Dipping Pond Run (and, consequently, even more degradation than the stream is now experiencing), and deplete an already at-risk water table. I appreciate the right of a property owner to obtain economic value from his/her land, but this watershed area already suffers the consequences of years of poor code and zoning decision-making and enforcement. As a homeowner who has placed my own property of  24+ acres (the back property line of which is Dipping Pond Run) into the Maryland Environmental Trust and abjured potential future development value, I am tired of being the “fool” while developers and institutions obtain exemptions and special dispensations to gobble up and overbuild land, endanger watersheds, and cause increased traffic congestion without regard for even the most dire environmental consequences. I whole heartedly ask that you change the zoning to  RC-7   Sincerely, Carl


06/27/12 - Dear Councilwoman Almond:

There is a long, sorry history in this area of developers and institutions reneging on private agreements with neighborhood and community associations. Simply put, private agreements are not worth the paper they’re written on, and developers and institutions know it full well. This dilemma is one in which the proper and lawful exercise of government authority is the only possible solution. Only a zoning redesignation, enacted pursuant to the County’s duty to protect already-compromised resources such as watersheds and water tables, and its duty to refuse to permit development and/or use that will bring additional traffic congestion to already over-crowded roads, can resolve this issue. Only the County, not private parties, will be able to hold an entity to account for compliance with the County’s code and regulations. RC-7 is the proper zoning for this property.  Sincerely, Ellyn


07/08/12 - Dear Council President Almond,

My family has lived on Chestnut Ridge for over 30 years and watched it get more and more developed. We used to be able to see pheasant and foxes and other less common wildlife on fields here. With development, the wildlife is either pushed into smaller and less inhabitable areas or leave entirely. We are gradually losing our undisturbed areas on Chestnut Ridge. This is one of the worries I have for our community and one of the reasons why I implore you to institute RC-7 (and no more dense) on the property formerly owned by the Chestnut Ridge Country Club. Another concern is the available water on Chestnut Ridge. The Ridge has suffered from low yields from our wells for many years. While not publicized because of fear of lowered property values, many families here have had to purchase bottled water to have enough water to serve other household needs. Any additional development will certainly affect the existing water table, so it is absolutely essential that development is limited, at the least. Please think about the impact of the zoning of this property on the current residents, who are desperately trying to maintain a lifestyle and community which will be desirable in the future. Use the RC-7 designation for this property. Sincerely, Kathryn


07/15/12 Dear Councilperson Almond,

According to the county’s own guidelines, RC7 zoning is the appropriate designation for the CRCC property. For example, the county’s Article 1A Resources Conservation Zones apply to: Primary conservancy areas: (1) ”to protect and preserve total ecosystem function, including riparian and aquatic ecosystems,” and Secondary conservancy areas: (1) “to maintain the unique character of rural areas by preserving natural, and cultural, historic, architectural, and archaeological resources and scenic views.” Your decision on the zoning of the CRCC property quite literally will determine the character of the Jones Falls corridor and the integrity of the Jones Falls watershed for decades to come. I urge you to recognize the unalterable consequences of overdevelopment and to rezone the CRCC property as RC7.      Sincerely, Nita

What you can do:

The vote will be taken at the end of August. WE don’t have much time to really let the council members how we feel about the development of Chestnut Ridge Country Club-  Let them know that RC-7 is the correct zoning for this acreage to help protect our wells and limit the terrible traffic along Falls Road .

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