County to conduct Mays Chapel Elementary Ground Breaking on 04/26/13

Ground Breaking for School

The County has scheduled a ground breaking ceremony for the proposed Mays Chapel Elementary School at 12250 Roundwood Road, Timonium 21093 on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM.  County Executive Kevin Kamenetz will be in attendance according to his public schedule.

Community Opposition to the School

According to community leaders, the opposition to the building of the new elementary school on the site of the existing Mays Chapel Park is overwhelming.  The Save Mays Chapel Park organization has been involved in opposing the building of the school at the Mays Chapel Park location for nearly two years.

Significantly Better Alternatives Are Available

Representatives of the surrounding communities have been vocal in presenting more cost effective alternatives to the placement of a school outside of the area where overcrowding exists, necessitating the busing of students and unnecessary rezoning.  Expansion of the buildings at the existing overcrowded elementary schools is eminently feasible on the existing properties, is much less expensive for the taxpayers, and addresses the actual problem of overcrowding at the specific location where the additional capacity is needed.

Heavy-handed Approach by County Government

The County government in its various forms has taken what many residents consider an authoritarian approach to the entire project operating without the transparency that the citizens expect and at times failing to follow the clearly defined laws and regulations that govern such activities.  Information is circulating in the community that the County does not have the required permits to conduct the construction activities which have been scheduled.

School Not a Foregone Conclusion

There continues to be significant opposition to the school construction from a passionate group of citizens committed to retaining the park in its current form and shining a light on the common sense, less costly, more community friendly alternatives that have been proposed but have been disregarded by County Executive Kamenetz and the School Board.

The community groups have indicated their willingness to pursue their efforts to oppose the school and  expose what they believe are improper actions counter to the benefit of the local communities, as well as Baltimore County and Maryland tax payers.