President’s Message – September 2013

Our Annual Dinner is set this year for Monday, October 28, 2013.  For many years our community has gathered every fall to break bread together and discuss the state of our community.  So, please come share a good meal with beer, wine, soft drinks included for the ridiculous price of $10/person.  The evening concludes with a brief business meeting at which we elect officers and directors, and everyone leaves well-fed and content to return home under our tranquil, rural, star-lit sky.  But what if there were no officers or directors to elect?

The Falls Road Community Association has been the guardian of the Falls Road community for more than 65 years.  Against the unrelenting pressure of developers and their political spawn to destroy our beautiful land, the FRCA has been a counter-balancing force of preservation.  Just last year the FRCA played an essential role in the campaign that persuaded our County Council Member Vicki Almond to downzone the 232 acre Chestnut Ridge Country Club property from RC 5 for maximum development (up to 115 houses) to RC 7 for Resource Preservation (9 houses).  Our community was thus spared the devastating effect on our traffic, wells, and streams of additional 50-100 homes on Falls Road.

But the FRCA cannot continue without volunteers.  Only a handful of folks still attend Board meetings, and a few of them have served more than 20 years, and the average length of service exceeds 10 years.  But time marches on, and your Board members have aged.  Retirement and grand-children consume more time, and it becomes harder every month to muster the energy to do what must be done.  So, sometimes “IT” does not get done

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