Chestnut Ridge Country Club 2nd Community Input Meeting


Monday, November 4th, at 7 P.M.,

About the meeting

The second & final Community Input Meeting (“CIM”) addressing the communities concerns about the proposed housing development of the Chestnut Ridge Country Club Property.

This meeting Is your opportunity to learn the impact that this proposed development will have on our roads, our wells, our streams, and our environment and to voice your opinion!

Be there or do not complain this time next year when this travesty can’t be undone.

The Meeting Is Open to the Public.

Your attendance will make a difference!


Mays Chapel United Methodist Church

11911 Jenifer Road, Timonium, MD, 21093

Chestnut Ridge Country Club community update – October 2013


As many of you know, the Valleys Planning Council, along with the Falls Road Community Association and a number of organizations and individuals, supported the downzoning of the Chestnut Ridge Country Club property during the 2012 CZMP. The 232-acre property on Falls Road just sought of Padonia/Broadway was ultimately downzoned from RC5 to RC7, and that downzoning is now being challenged. The issue is a hot one, with battles on multiple fronts. During the rezoning cycle, Councilwoman Vicki Almond received an outpouring of calls, letters and emails regarding the property and made the courageous decision to downzone the property in an effort to protect Dipping Pond Run and curb the pressure on existing infrastructure already bursting at the seams. Those that support the new, more restrictive zoning are joining together to oppose an attempt to undo the zoning change and reinstate the former RC5 zoning. We hope you will join us in these efforts to maintain the more restrictive RC7 zoning. We believe our case is strong and that the evidence is clear that there was no error committed on the part of the Baltimore County Council. Below is a brief summary of what has transpired and what is coming next.


November 2011

Chestnut Ridge Country Club, a 230-acre property on Falls Road, closed after 50 years of operation.

February 2012

Chestnut Ridge Country Club purchased by Armando Cignarale, a local developer who runs Cignal Corp. The property was purchased for $5.3 million with no contingencies regarding its future development.

August 2012

Baltimore County Council downzoned the Chestnut Ridge Country Club Property, changing the zoning from RC5 to RC7. This changed the maximum residential density from 114 homes to 9 homes.

December 2012

Owner/developer of CRCC filed suit against Baltimore County in the Circuit Court, suing for $10 million and a return to the RC5 zoning. In May 2013, the Circuit Court dismissed the lawsuit after the county argued that the developer should have exhausted the county’s administrative appeals process first.

February 2013

Owner/developer of CRCC filed a Petition for Reclassification with the Baltimore County Board of Appeals, claiming that the County Council made an error in changing the zoning on the property from RC5 to RC7.

 June 2013

Adopting the position of the Baltimore County planning staff, the County Planning Board advised the County Board of Appeals that the County Council made an error in downzoning the property. The Planning Board brushed aside Maryland law and legal arguments with regard to the magnitude of “error” required to justify reclassification overriding the County Council’s vote. Instead the Planning Board simply reiterated its recommendation during the 2012 CZMP that the zoning should be maintained as RC5.

Upcoming Actions

October 2013

The case before the Board of Appeals will begin. The hearing will open on October 30; however, the developer’s attorneys have said they plan to open the case, file an amended petition, and ask for a delay until December.

October 28, 2013

The developer and county will hold a Community Input Meeting at 7 p.m. on a proposed 8-lot plan under the existing RC7 zoning. The meeting was scheduled for the same date and time as the FRCA annual meeting. (The developer hopes to go forward with a 60-70 lot plan if he can get the zoning changed, but this is an interim or fallback plan that could be approved under the current zoning.) The meeting will be held at the Mays Chapel Methodist Church on Jennifer Road in Timonium.

November 4, 2013

The developer and county will hold a second Community Input Meeting at 7 p.m. on a proposed 8-lot plan under the existing RC7 zoning. The meeting will be held at the Mays Chapel Methodist Church on Jennifer Road in Timonium. A second meeting was scheduled due to the conflict with the FRCA meeting.

December 2013

The Board of Appeals case goes forward. Dates scheduled for the hearing are: December 10, 11, 17, and 18.

You Can Help

Many residents took the time to contact Councilwoman Almond during the 2012 CZMP to express their concern about future development of the property and requesting a downzoning. Your continued expressions of support are needed. Our most pressing need at the moment is to raise funds for the legal and expert fees associated with the upcoming Board of Appeals hearing. Please consider sending in a tax-deductible contribution to the VPC for this project today. We need to raise $15,000 in the next six weeks to see us through this first and most important phase. If everyone who is concerned chips in, we will have sufficient resources. Special project contributions are used exclusively for legal and expert fees associated with the case. VPC has engaged the services of attorney Richard Burch for the zoning reclassification case.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to this special project today by sending a check to:

The Valleys Planning Council

PO Box 5402

Towson, Maryland 20185

Write “Chestnut Ridge” in check memo line.


Referendum to Overturn All District 2 CZMP Decisions (which would restore RC5 to Chestnut Ridge)

On a related front, VPC has joined with several other groups to oppose the Referendum initiative that has been spearheaded by the developers opposed to the Solo Cup site redevelopment known as Foundry Row. Several developers displeased with zoning changes in the last cycle are supporting that effort. Those seeking the Referendum hope to put an issue on the 2014 election ballot with the goal of overturning all District 2 CZMP decisions. If the referendum were successful, the changes to Chestnut Ridge and other zoning changes in District 2 would be overturned, restoring the prior zoning.

Many residents reported questionable tactics and misleading information during the petition drive. The Board of Elections found the petitions “deficient” and denied the request to put the item to referendum. Those seeking the referendum have filed an appeal of that decision with the Circuit Court. The VPC and other parties have filed a motion to dismiss the appeal, believing that the parties filing the appeal do not have standing. The Circuit Court case has been assigned to Judge Alexander. A scheduling conference is set for October 23rd and a Motions Hearing is set for November 26 at 9:30 a.m. Attorney J. Carroll Holzer is representing the VPC, the Meadows HOA, and the Greater Greenspring Association. VPC is not requesting funds for the referendum case but is very much in need of funds for the reclassification case. 

For additional info, call the Valleys Planning Council office at 401-337-6877.

Vicki Almond saves former Chestnut Ridge Country Club property!

Almond and Council Approve Downzoning of CRCC Property

From the office of Council Chairwoman Almond:

Baltimore County Council Chairwoman Vicki Almond, along with the rest of Council APPROVE downzoning of the property formerly owned by Chestnut Ridge Country Club from RC5 to RC7.


The RC7 designation allows for much less dense development than would have otherwise been permitted under RC5. After extensive research into the environmental concerns related to this property, along with the vast amount of community input received by my office, the decision became clear. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your input and suggestions along the way.




Vicki Almond

Baltimore County Council

2nd District

Please contact Council Chairwoman Almond to express your thanks and gratitude for the time and careful consideration invested by her and her staff to understand the salient issues of the property, listen to the concerns of the community and her constituents, and make a decision that is nothing more than applying the longstanding zoning regulations which Baltimore County has adopted as law, but unfortunately does not always adhere to.

Please attend the CZMP vote on Chestnut Ridge CC – August 28, 2012

The Falls Road Community Association

Cordially invites you

To Witness a Potential Miracle

At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In the Council Chambers in the Old Courthouse

At 400 Washington Avenue in Towson!


More than 600 residents of our area have contacted our Councilwoman Vicki Almond via petitions, letters, emails, meetings, and calls encouraging her to preserve the integrity of the Chestnut Ridge Country Club (CRCC) property by rezoning it to RC7.

Because of this extraordinary effort our community is counteracting the influence of well_financed interests that seek to develop the CRCC property at a density that would do irreparable damage to the property’s extended ecosystem and change the character of the Falls Road Corridor for the worse and forever.

We Have Made Good Progress, but this Battle Is Far from Over. 

Ms Almond knows the Club property is environmentally valuable and vulnerable, and she wants to preserve it.  Ms Almond is well aware of the damage our community will sustain if the housing density on Club property is maximized, and she wants to spare us that damage.  In sum, Ms Almond wants to serve us, her constituents, she wants to vote to change the zoning of the Club property to RC7 as a resource preservation zone.

Ms. Almond’s final decision is only a few days away – and we cannot let up.  Pressure on Ms Almond to back off and let the land be destroyed is enormous.  Thus, it will take a miracle for Ms Almond to retain her political independence and do what should be done.

Make it happen….       Do your part……..

Contact Vicki Almond Again!

Visit on the web

Or directly at

telephone:  410-887-3385        fax:   410-887-5791

So, please join us waiting for a miracle at 6 p.m., on Tuesday, August 28, 2012

in the County Council Chambers in the Old Courthouse in Towson.

Residents urge Councilwoman Almond for RC7 status for the Chestnut Ridge Country Club

Presidents’s Message: Residents Contact Councilwoman Almond in support of RC7 zoning for the Chestnut Ridge Country Club property

With a stroke of her pen, on August 28, 2012 our County Council representative and President  Vicki Almond can preserve more land in District 2 than Dutch Ruppersberger, Jim Smith and Kevin Kamenetz combined multiplied by 1000. The 232 acres that were Chestnut Ridge Country Club abound in streams, ponds, springs and wetlands. By zoning that land RC7, which is plainly the proper classification, Ms Almond can preserve most of that subwatershed, spare our roads 40-60 houses of traffic, spare our water table 40-60 wells to compete with ours, give Dipping Pond Run a chance to survive, and possibly save the Falls Road community. With that same act, Ms Almond would become our first Council representative to place the well-being of her constituents above loyalty to the politicians in Towson and their developer financiers. Below are samples of the 500+ messages from constituents to Ms. Almond via

Harold Burns, President

Contact Councilwoman Almond

Please contact Councilwoman Vicki Almond to express your support for rezoning the former Chestnut Ridge Country Club Property to RC-7 to reduce the building density, reduce the impact on existing wells in the area, reduce traffic congestion, and preserve the character of the community.


Councilwoman Vicki Almond

Old Court House

400 Washington Ave.

Towson, MD, 21204

Letters from the community

07/11/12 – Dear Councilperson Almond,

The prospective development of the property formerly owned by the Chestnut Ridge Country Club (CRCC) raises great concerns for those of us who live in the Falls Road corridor. We believe the property zoning is RC-7 because we have had issues with our well, along with several of our neighbors. Depletion of the water table with any more development will hurt the entire Falls Road corridor. Our entire neighborhood (Springhill Farm) is against further development in this area. It is almost impossible to drive down Falls Road in the morning and the traffic at Falls and Padonia/Broadway is always backed up. Sincerely, Rusty & Michelle


06/27/12 – Councilman Almond,

We have been living at this address for about eight years. Our water flow has diminished greatly in those years. I blame the lower flow of water on the amount of recent development in the Falls Road area. Pretty soon at this rate, we will be out of water for our homes!!!! I am requesting a down zoning to RC-7. Sincerely, Susan K.

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Baltimore Sun article: Neighbors fight to preserve golf club land

The Baltimore Sun published an informative article on Sunday, July 8, 2012 regarding the community efforts to downzone (reduce the housing density) of the development on the Chestnut Ridge Country Club property, citing environmental impacts as well as the quality of life issues that will occur if the present zoning remains.

The article details considerable community support for having Councilwoman Vicki Almond  downzone the property to RC-7 (approximately 10 houses permitted on the property) through the quadrennial CZMP process.

Contact Councilwoman Vicki Almond to express your thoughts on the matter: (410) 887-3885 or launched to preserve the Chestnut Country Club property

The issue

Recently, the Chestnut Ridge Country Club folded and a developer bought the mortgage and took title to the land.  The developer potentially can place up to 100 homes on this land and destroy the environmental buffer that protects the last trout stream in the Jones Falls Watershed and its surrounding wooded valley that protects a unique watershed and ecosystem.  Intense development of this land means up to another 200 vehicles crowding falls road, creating traffic gridlock at its failing intersections and placing additional financial stress on the county budget.  Intense development will generate up to 100 new wells, putting your own wells at risk.  The bulldozing of this land for another 100 houses will destroy the rural nature of our community and your property values!

Map of Chestnut Ridge Country Club property and number of homes

Too many homes for the Chestnut Ridge Country Club property

The County Council is presently considering the down-zoning of the 232 acres from RC-5  (rural residential) to RC-7 (resource  preservation) as part of the comprehensive zoning map process that takes place every four years.  In December 2011, Councilperson Vicki Almond, your Council member in the Second District, introducedComprehensive Zoning Map process issue #2-031 to address the appropriateness of the existing RC-5 zoning in light of the sale of the Chestnut Ridge Country Club.   According to the County Code, the purpose and intent of RC-7 is resource preservation, more specifically to protect and preserve valuable cultural, historical, recreational and environmental resources through a low-density rural zone.

Take action

There is only one way to have the property zoned RC-7.  That is to have the District 2 Councilperson, Ms. Vicki Almond, make the request through the CZMP process at the end of the summer.

What will impact her making her decision is hearing from you.

Please go to, educate yourself on the issue, and contact Ms. Almond (there’s an easy link to send her an e-mail), and keep going back to and to follow the progress, get updates, and participate in having your community the retain the character that attracted us in the first place.

Chestnut Ridge Country Club sold, CZMP rezoning in progress


For many years Chestnut Ridge Country Club (CRCC) has been a golf, tennis, and swimming club on 232 acres of the most beautiful land in Baltimore County.The Club is off Falls Road just south of Broadway, near the highest point of the entire Jones Falls watershed. Indeed, the property has 5 ponds and is drained by three unnamed tributaries that flow into Dipping Pond Run.

Between 1989 and 1993 the Club engaged in a pattern of illegal actions which caused catastrophic harm to the Run. Prior to the Club’s acts, MD DNR had identified the Run as boasting the last self- sustaining population of brook trout in the Jones Falls watershed. After a series of legal confrontations with the community, the Club’s behavior improved.

Club purchased by developer

Last year, the Club was unable to make payments on its considerable debt which was recently purchased by a company controlled by a developer, Armando Cignarale.

At the request of the Valleys Planning Council and the FRCA, Council member and now Chair Vicki Almond, representing the second councilmanic district, has raised the Club property as an issue in the County 2012 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process as issue 2-031. As a result, at the first Council meeting of September 2012 Councilmember Almond can, with the advice and consent of the other Council members, set the zoning of the Club property howsoever she desires.

Currently the property is zoned entirely RC5 (rural residential). Thus, under County law a developer would be permitted theoretically to build 155 houses. Because of the property is so extraordinarily environmentally sensitive with at least five ponds, three steams, numerous steep slopes and wetlands, it seems doubtful that the County would permit even close to that number of lots.

Impact to the community and environment

Imagine if there were even another 100 households added to our community. How long would it take to drive from the traffic light at Broadway/Padonia and Falls to the Beltway at 8 am on a weekday?  What might it be like to drive from that same intersection east on Padonia to York Road during the evening rush hour?

Consider the devastating impact to the streams, fish, and the rest of the environment from numerous construction sites exposing bare earth and dumping silt into the streams.  How much sediment will flow down those steep slopes and straight into Dipping Pond Run to the Jones Falls to the Harbor to the Bay?

Preserving the character of Chestnut Ridge

It is the position of many of the community residents and therefore, that of the FRCA, that changing the zoning designation to RC7 is necessary to maintain the existing character and livability of the community.  Details about the RC7 zoning classification can be found in the Citizens Guide to Planning and Zoning, in the Introduction, Rural Zones section.

What you can do

If the zoning of the property were to be changed to RC7 (resource preservation) in recognition of its extremely sensitive environment, the maximum number of lots permitted would be a fraction of those that will in fact be created if the property remains RC5 (rural residential).

To provide input regarding your community, to the one person who will be making this decision, Councilman Almond, please contact her at 410-887-3385 or

Additionally, the FRCA will be pursuing its mission to monitor the progress of this issue and disseminate information to the residents of the community, enabling them to make their voices heard in matters that affect the quality of our lives in this part of Baltimore County.

Please attend our next meeting, the date and time of which will be posted in the near future.